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Coffee Arabica

Coffee Arabica is a local favorite. It is a bold and smooth coffee bean, perfect for both beginner and advanced drinkers alike.

Sting Less Bee Honey

Stingless honey made by local farmers using the finest raw materials. It is a pure, natural and organic product. Slight bitterness but very healthy


Local traditional tea

Our Local Traditional Tea is very popular, most people like to drink in the morning. This tea has a unique flavor and a slightly bitter taste.

Tasty Food assortment

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Yummy Drink

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Coffee · Tea · Cocoa · Artificial Coffee
Local Starch

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Rice · Tapioca · Sago Flour
Health Yummy

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Cereals · Bread · Patries · Confectionery

Sweet Yum-Yum

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Ice · Sugar · Honey · Treacle

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Yeast · Baking Powder · Salt
Top Dressing

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Mustard · Vinegar · Sauces · Spices
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We Try To Make
Everything Is Healthy.

Let’s Be True, Some Of Our Product Don’t Have Preservative. We Try To Make Everything Is Healthy. We Do Not Indulge In Any Harmful Things. We Care About Your Health And Well-Being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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We take product quality very seriously. We only work with the finest and most reliable suppliers, who are approved by our team of experts. We also ensure that we provide the best service and support, and will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Ones we receive the order and payment. Please give us 1-3 day Time to ready your Goods & Ship it. Depends on your region to determine approximately how long it will take to deliver the goods to your door.

Our Noodle is 100% Without MSG. But the other. We promise to make it healthy as we can.

We currently in Sabah Kota Kinabalu. Our product didn’t serve to sell in our main store for now. We will Announce It whenever we got serve at our store. But you can contact us, So we can let you know where is the nearby store you can get our Product. We care you worry. We try to make you convenient as we can.