Little Fuzhou

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Malaysia Little Fuzhou

Sibu, the third largest city in the state of Sarawak in East Malaysia, is located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan rivers. It is mainly composed of Chinese, Ibans, Malays and Malano people. Before the 1950s, Sibu was the largest city in Sarawak, with a current population of about 250,000, and it is still developing. Because of the large population of Fuzhou, it is called “Little Fuzhou”.

United States America Little Fuzhou

First Brooklyn Chinatown was originally established in the area of ​​Sunset Park in the Brooklyn borough of New York City borough. It is one of the largest and fastest growing ethnic Chinese enclaves outside Asia as well as inside New York City. As this Chinatown is rapidly evolving into a major enclave of Fuzhou immigrants from Fujian Province in China, it is now known as Little Fuzhou or Fuzhou in the Western Hemisphere; and the largest Fuzhou enclave in New York City.

Story of Little FuZhou

In 1994, in a country with different races called Malaysia Ushered in today’s world-class leaders Xi Jinping (习近平)China President with 1.4 Billions Citizens Country. Come to visit to Malaysia for the first time. The place that he visit not Kuala Lumpur (Capital City Malaysia). But in East Malaysia Sarawak Sibu(Little Fuzhou). A Place that a lot of People whose ancestry came to Fuzhou. In the same time Now China President on that time were still a Secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee. 

Story of Little FuZhou

In early 90s, He was sent to Sibu in a low-key way to visit a place with the title of Little Fuzhou. As recalled by one of the people who was fortunate enough to sit at the table with him, He said his people were kind, easy-going, talkative, and could talk to everyone. Although Xi Jinping was already a high-ranking official in Fuzhou City, China, During his trip to Sibu, He didn’t show any pretense and was not official.

Story of Little FuZhou

Even though, Xi Jinping only visit Little fuzhou (Sibu) for 3days. In the few days. Keep calling this place Xiao Fuzhou instead of Sibu. In just three days, China-Malaysia relations, which have been established for 40 years, Can be improved. and further prudently spend the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

the Little Fuzhou Story

Thanks to a group photo left in the past, it is still precious. The hearts of Sibu Fuzhou people are more than joy. The leaders of Fuzhou have come to Sibu. What else can isolate Little Fuzhou and the nostalgia flow between China Fuzhou?

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